vienna done

back home after three days, 3.4.5.march, waltzin’ viena

we stayed at the hotel schani. really close to the mainstaion. do not use the public transport, it just takes you in circles of oneways, walk, you will enter the hotel before you enter a bus. very good breakfast and very nice staff: we performed two practice sessions in the lobby.

vienna from oben
view from “oben”

we performed twice oben . this is the restaurant/cafe on top of the hauptbücherei wien. very good dishes, a for three weeks ahead sold out brunch on sundays, and the absolute necessity a very nice staff.

both places are highly recommendable.


for the resume “on december 31. 9.30pm in Hotel Seetal with klex wolf till 2am” 

das waren an die 4 stunden musik, geprobtes programm, aber offen für den moment.
äquvivalent zu einer vier stündigen tour, sehr schön, aber die letzte stunde ist man müde und es wird anstrengend die konzentration zu halten und die fehler häufen sich. aber es war trotzdem schön.

the band usually is not treated as good as the guests in a hotel, this makes sense, as the band is paid for delivering, the guest pays to be delivered to. Hotel Seetal is not like this, the band is not the primary goal, but well treated. excellent cooking, nice people and a pretty surrounding.

auf ein gutes 2015

Pronto Pasta in Wattens on october 24

on october 24. 8.30pm in Ristorante Pronto Pasta Kirchplatz 1 6112 Wattens.

pronto is two places in wattens, pronto pizza and pronto pasta.
pasta serves everything but pizza, if one insists on pizza, it will be delivered fro pronto pizza.

pronto pasta is a bar and up to maybe twenty tables for two to four people.
and pronto pasta is a very friendly crew, boss and excellent chef.

we played a nice gig for a small but addentive audience.
ate excellent

ci torneremo, a revederci, a risenterci.