vergangenes – passato

the two of us in different styles: jazz, latin, folk, pop, … and environments.


6. mai zirl RAUM24

30.april  jazzday at brennpunkt

march 4 and 5: playing oben

3. und 4. märz wien hotel schani: performing a practic session in the lobby

at olivia’s and …


3 november and december 1 jam session participation diekellerei

20 ottobre galeria a hbla west

1 Oktober  lange Nacht  der Museen in der galerie 22a

17 mai opener in derwilderin session

30 april jazzday at joul’s kaffeesiaderei (verdura, …)

2015 December

16 december  adventsingen in joul’s kaffeesiaderei (two goats)

2015 November

7 november … beim glufn in zirl. alles anders als geplant, doch alles gut.

2015 September

19 september playingforchangeday – in joul’s kaffeesiaderei in innsbruck 5pm to … ein paar runden in der caffeetasse … sehr nettes publikum und gastgeber

2015 July

21 july pesciolino @ theearlybird – auch wenn der tag in der eventliste leer ist, we’ll be fully present. supported by sam on drums, mille grazie

17 juli diewilderin – new orleans fest afterhour – forelle-blau

2015 June

26 juni (fiduciosamente) nella tyrolia caffee

10 Juni dinner club, ibk

2 juni primo in acqua alla marmellata  in diewilderin

2015 April

30 april: jazswimmin in tyrolia library on jazzday.

8 april: open mic in diebackerei con pesciolino completo.

7 april, jam session in diewilderin. Apertura con basciolino 🙂

2015 march

30.3 to 1. april participate tsb pop, rock & jazz tage

25.3 early bird jam

22.3 stiegenhaus to birthday brunch

18.3 opener to an evening at the early bird kam session

5.3  muh nich(t mehr) neither in Rausch nor because of dottirs

4.3  l’apertura e mantenaro il flusso di jam session theearlybird

4.3  jam session theearlybird not opener but closer

2015 february

19.2  Gerahmte Einlagen bei Jubilarium in HBLA West.

14.2  60 jahre feier in wattens (one donkey)

13.2  acoustic club innsbruck: putting some tones below.

11.2  jam session opener in theearlybird with: andy fetz/tp, tim gebel/git, me/bass and … michaela/vocals … prettiest.

10.2  jam session diewilderin Innsbruck mit gishi/pno und saw/vio

not (bass solo 🙂 but without the prettier half.

6.2  matura feier abendgym in innsbruck (three goats, one oven)

2015 janvier

1.1. hotel seetal in, zillertal

2014 decembre 

31.12  hotel seetal im zillertal with klex

14.12  playing autumn leaves on the charles de gaulle airport piano.

2014 novembre

14.9  acoustic club innsbruck. Three songs , enjoyed it , all three , we two and the audience.

2014 ottobre 

24.10  pronto pasta in wattens.

7.10  opener in diewilderin with klex wolf.

2014 september

30.9  opener in diewilderin mit christian.

20.9  playing for change day, playing in public library zirl.

2014 august

31.8  indoor (wetterbedingt) gartenfest im saggen. gäste: clemesn – frenchhorn, maria und marina – gesang.

19.8  pesciolino+ opener in diewilderin mit christian.

16.8  outreach open air with jazz’n’more course.

2.8  craig harris workshop band in hackl’s workshop in schwaz .

2014 jule

26.7 cafe virgolinis

23.7 open stage theearlybird innstrasse, innsbruck

22.7 session opener diewilderin sailergasse, innsbruck

19.7 cafe virgolinis

16.7 theearlybird

15.7 diewilderin

12.7 hold up at cafe virgolinis eugenstrasse 2, hall in tirol

9.7 theearlybird

8.7 diewilderin

2014 june

28.6 birthday party

25.6 theearlybird

24.6 diewilderin

4.6 theearlybird open stage